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  Leadership Loop - 7 Conversations to Strength Your Support Team As Your Grow

Leadership Conversations - What support do you need to grow?

Leadership Conversations #1

1. Honest Self-Awareness- Clarity of Who we are and our how we live it. Then closing the gap from our ideals and reality.

  • Values
  • Priorities
  • Purpose

Questions you may ask and begin to answer...

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What am I doing?
  • How do I live it out?

WARNING! Let's Get Real!... and Be Realistic!

You have to set the pace, frequency, and even boundaries to each of these conversations. It's a decision to intentional invest into who matters most in your life. If you don't, ultimately it leaves you exposed and risk the volatility we discuss in our introduction. It's a balance of time and energy that must be realistic given your commitments.

Regardless of personality bent, extravert or introvert, you must decide what you can and cannot do. It's a commitment that goes in your calendar!... or it may not happen... We are making investments that build the equity of relationship. If one of more of these relationships are emotionally bankrupt then we need to Get Real about the help we need to get healthy and strong! We're starting today! Right now! We making investment into the relationships that matter most!

Now! Let's look at the 6 circles of conversations! Each of these circles have names of people in your life. Either print the 7 Leadership Conversation graphic or draw your own circles. As we go through the video write down the names of people in your life who come to mind.

Let the conversation begin!

Leadership Conversation - Personal

  • Family (Home)
    • Marriage
    • Kids
    • Extended Family
  • Friends
    • Who you have the most history and memories together. When's the last time you had a significant and meaningful conversation with them?
    • Who shares in your adventures, recreation, hobbies, and hanging out.
    • Who checks in on you for no reason and no agenda other than to say 'how are you?" & mean it!

Leadership Conversations - Professional

Directors, Advisors, Mentors, and Teachers

  • Who's the authority relationships in your life and leadership? They provide oversight, counsel, and maybe a level of accountability.
  • In a healthy context, there's a protection in counsel, risk assessment, and learning from evaluated experiences.
  • It may seem limiting but may help give definition and focus to your expertise and energy.

Leadership Peers, Colleagues, Masterminds, and Executive Coaches

  • Those who exchange best practices, industry trends, and invite a fresh perspective from a similar level or responsibility (leadership weight class).
  • Leaders who express that's its lonely at the top don't know who to talk to without consequence or issues of confidentiality. It's here you find safe and competent connections that will help you.

Strategic Partners, Investors, and Clients

  • They are source of revenues, referrals, and resources.
  • Most leaders acknowledge their greatest need and growth focus to connect in these meaningful relationships.
    • Building Stronger Client Engagement*
    • Building a Referral Mindset with their Team

*Response based on a entrepreneurial survey conducted by the Advance with feedback of 100+ leaders.

Leadership & Executive Team

  • The make the dreams possible through empowerment and effective delegation.
  • They get stuff done!
  • They higher level of trust the more likely for engagement, performance, and retention of great team members.
  • The leader builds up or breaks down the culture!

7 Leadership Conversations will Strengthen You!

Leaders who fall to compromise that costs them were exposed at some point by neglecting the people who matter most in their live. The small investments of building into the equity of relationship with our priority relationships will keep us from crashing when we face challenges.

For our Directionalist Leaders. If you would be so bold and transparent, would you share 1 or 7 conversations that will have in the next 30 days. Feel free to write a first name, but please don't share any confidential details. Tell us what difference you hope it will make in the relationship.... and how you will be strengthened as a leader by doing so.